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Hammer Brothers Renovations is one of the best sources for wood siding in Southern Ontario. Our products are selected to provide your home or commercial building with the most consistent product that is available on the market today. To make sure your new siding is as beautiful as it can be, we keep it protected from the elements so that you are guaranteed to receive a top quality product at a very competitive price.

Wood siding can be used for more than just your Southern Ontario home or commercial asset. The uniformity and durability of the projects we represent also make it suitable for the additional following applications.

  • Building a shed, detached garage, or small workshop.
  • Using it for visual appeal when finishing off a patio or porch.
  • Interior structural renovations where a rustic visual aesthetic is desired.

Whether you are looking for V-Match tongue and groove wood siding for an easy self-installation or you want a custom job completed for your Southern Ontario building, Our Hamilton General Contractors at Hammer Brothers Renovations is ready right now to meet your needs. Our goal is simple: to make sure every customer of ours is completely satisfied with the products and services they receive.

We’d love to hear about your project, your ideas, and what your vision for a completed job happen to be. Contact us today at (289) 808-7832 to have a no obligation conversation about your project and we believe you’ll see for yourself how our experience can exceed your expectations.

Our Services Include: General Contracting | Complete Structural Renovation | Wood Siding | Exterior Windows and Doors Installation

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